My ex girlfriend Kaitlen was always up for trying new things- just check out the piercing! I used to love how that silver bead felt as I licked her clean. And wow, could that girl moan as I rolled her perfect little piercing around in my mouth before licking her clean. That little bead was like a turbo speed button for the big O. And the best thing about Kaitlen was that she was always willing to return the favor, sometimes more than once!

In this picture, she is giving me a free show after I helped her scrub her back in the shower. The water was hot and steamy, but what happened after this picture was even hotter! After taking pictures of all my favorite places I took her right then and there on the bathroom tile. The tile was nice and cold after the steamy shower. I braced myself against the tile and pounded her until she screamed with pleasure. It was little slippery, but work every single second sudsing. Now I think my ex-gf whenever I take a shower, which tends to make my showers last a little longer than they should.

Nice Ex GF’s Revenge

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Last night, I was at my girlfriend’s big silent auction fundraiser at her gorgeous, swanky mansion. The party’s theme? Sex and Secrets. All over her lavishly decorated house you could bid on baskets of toys, getaway weekends. And then I noticed one prize in particular. At the top of this pillar, there was the bidding list, and nothing but a small stand-up card that said “Cum Lover’s Surprise.”

Sure, the mystery got my attention, but the words made me burn! I had this weird feeling my girlfriend put this out just for me…only she knows my total teen gf fetish. I’m a girl who just loves the sight and feel of those little teens!

My heart pounded as I made the fattest bid I could…and an hour later, I found out I won. They announced it in front of everyone, and I ascended a little podium to accept the prize from my girlfriend. But instead of a big basket or something, she grinned naughtily and handed me a key.

“It’s in there,” she said, pointing to a locked room behind us. “Have fun, you nasty little teen gf.”

The crowd cheered as I accepted the key…nervously, I entered the room and shut myself in.

Everything was pitch black and silent. The rest of the party was gone. Suddenly, I felt hands on me. “You won’t be hurt,” he said. “Just surrender to us and relax.”

To us? I didn’t have time to think about it before several more hands, all so strong, began peeling away my clothes. Quickly, I was naked. My nipples tensed in the cool air.

Then the oddest sensation, like crowd surfing, started: I was lifted by all these hands, passed along, and laid finally on a large, soft bed. A number of warm, naked bodies surrounded me.

Hands parted my legs and began fingering my pussy, getting me so wet. More hands cradled my face, pushed open my mouth, and then I felt—it was so sudden—this long hard cock rub against my lips. I knew what he wanted, and obediently I began sucking it.

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This was my surprise…and it was amazing! Soon I had my legs in the air, getting fucked in my ass and pussy, on top of sucking the yummy cock in my mouth. I was moaning, in total heaven as other hands moved all over my body too, petting me and stroking me.

Then suddenly, it was like an avalanche started. First, the two cocks pulled out of my pussy and ass and began spraying my belly and legs with cum. Oh, it was so hot and juicy! Then I felt others who must have been jacking off begin to cum…My hair, my tits, my toes, my arms—I felt shooting jizz from all sides pouring all over me. Then finally, the cock I was blowing pulled out and I lifted my face to receive this wonderful, warm, wet cum deluge!
I could taste it on my lips, and I licked them hungrily. I felt so wet and slippery and good all over..I began to lounge in the sheets, curling up, figuring this was it, and I would maybe nap for a while.

That’s when a voice uttered right in my ear: “What are you doing? The first guys might be gone…but you’ve got a whole new crowd with you now.” Oh my! I shivered from head to toe—and smiled.

That’s it—who needs dating? That ex teen gf will do!

Boozed Teen GF
Boozed Teen GF

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My Ex-Girlfriend Sandra

Sandra is my ex-girlfriend now, but she used to always be ready for a little naked fun. I could barely convince that girl to put clothes on to leave the house. She always wanted to strip down and get off. I was more than willing to let this little nympho have her way with me whenever she wanted. And wow, did she seem to want it all the time. She could just not get enough filling and drilling to satisfy her.

She let me take this photo one afternoon after she called me home during my lunch hour for an emergency fire. What she didn’t tell me was that the fire was in her pants and that she needed me to stuff it out. I was more than willing to oblige, and flipped her pert little body onto its hands and knees before taking her from behind. There was nothing I liked more than to drill her little backside in the middle of the day with the windows open. I was so into it that I completely went way over my lunch break. I may have spent the day hungry, but Sandra was completely stuffed by the time we were through.

Jenna before she cheated on me

Jenna thought she was taking pictures for my eyes only when she posed for this picture. She didn’t even have a friend take the image because she was worried that it would get on the internet. Too bad she decided that it would be a good idea to two time with my best friend over spring break. Instead of being for my eyes only, her super secret sex photo stash is all over the internet.

My ex-girlfriend thought that I would never find out about her double dipping ways. Little did she know that men can’t keep their mouths close, just like she couldn’t keep her legs together. I never met a girl more willing to stretch to the limit to accommodate my desire. Right after she took this photo, she bent all the way to the ground in front of the glass so that I could see everything as I took her from behind. I though there could be nothing better than watching her face as she orgasmed again and again, but I was wrong. It feels just as good to spread the love and share the photos of my two timing ex-gf with the world.

Revenge on the Cheating GF

Dayna's Bikini

Dayna, my ex-girlfriend, had a rack that would stop traffic. When you put her in a bikini top, it was everything I could do not to push her to her knees right there to take care of business. She could make me hard just by bending over in a low cut top, but I really loved it when she slowly rubbed herself until her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. In this picture, she is playing with herself to drive me right to the brink. The next step was always to whip off that superfluous top and unzip my pants. Then I would take over rubbing her nipples as her hands started to roam elsewhere.

I took this picture without her knowing one day because I knew that the bliss could not last. A chest like that does not stay around forever. While Dayna is no longer around, her chest still gets me hard. Just thinking about what she hid under her sweater makes me all hot and bothered. Instead of reaching for the Playboy, I can just reach for this picture for motivation. Remembering that she doesn’t even know that I have this picture makes the sensation all the sweeter.

Busty Bikini Ex

Ex playmate Molly

My ex-girlfriend Molly was all about the party. She loved to hit the town hard any night of the week, bouncing from club to club chasing the best thrill. She did everything to the extreme, from dancing the night away to making the bedspring squeak until dawn. I used to love the way that she always pushed me to the limit in bed. She was willing to try anything, even bondage and domination, to get a rip roaring orgasm. There’s nothing better than rounding the bases with a girl you know will be in it for extra innings.

Her dream was to be a playboy bunny, which probably should have been a red flag for me. Even though I should have been wary, I loved to watch her strip down to her bra and strut her stuff for the camera. I even got her to pose for this risqué photo shoot, which she promised would be for my eyes only. Well, apparently she was willing to share more than her modeling portfolio to get her dream job stripping for the masses. Millions of men can now see my ex-gf spread eagled in a centerfold, but I got my final revenge by putting our secret photos on the internet.

Ex Playmate GF?

My ex-girlfriend Kayla thought we could heat things up in the kitchen last year for Valentine’s Day. Her idea was to play up the girl next store image that she knew I always liked, but with a super sexy twist. She planned to be my perfect little angel in the kitchen and a devious devil in the bedroom. Boy, could that girl live the fantasy! She was so into it that we never even made it to the bedroom-just the kitchen floor!

To my fantasies come true she wore this skimpy little outfit all day-even when cooking my favorite foods for dinner. I was so turned on by her girl next store outfit and amazing cooking skills that it was everything I could do not to take her against the refrigerator. She had made a fabulous dinner, but I was so focused on the view that I forgot to chew at times. My generous ex-gf let me snap this picture after dinner was finished and the dishes were done. The only thing left was to dig into the dessert I had been looking forward to all night.

GF Revenge Video #1

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